As you may know, I work for the ICAEW IT Faculty and, being good Chartered Accountants, we get very concerned about security issues, especially online.

I was very pleased to receive the following suggestion from a previous colleague at COA Solutions, Jim Seward, who is their SEO guru.

Subject: Crazy New Status thing

Here’s my suggestion, let’s make it happen people. Get everyone to post this as their status, IT WILL BE BRILLIANT:

I am a crazy fool born on [insert date of birth] and my momma woz called [insert mothers maiden name] I went down to da bank [insert bank name] and some hot mama-jama gave me three numba’s [insert bank account number] [insert bank sort code] [insert pin number] and told me to think of a word.. Hmmm I sayz howz aboutz [insert online banking password] and she says yeah.. Gonna go get me some fruity-loop slacks to wear to the disco. Da-doo-dah-dah-dee… WORD!

Get it done people and forward this to all your friends, and let’s really really raise awareness of people who shouldn’t be allowed out on their own…
An interesting suggestion. Not sure it may get the whole-hearted backing of the ICAEW, but I like where it’s coming from!

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