Diary day 1 and 2

Day 1

Our Uganda trip started at 2.45 am. We gathered our cases  and met in St. Mary Bourne village centre half an hour later. When everyone arrived (some louder than others) we got on the coach. An hour and a half later we had checked in 38 bags and awaiting for our flight to Amsterdam.  The flight was rather unevent ful, however Joe managed to almost loose his laptop at the airport! At Amsterdam we all got bbreakfast and sat at the airport for an hour.      Finally we were on the way to uganda. but…  about 10 minutes after take off we suddenly stopped at a certain altitude and the Captain announced that some birds had been ingested into the right-hand engine so we had to turn back. KLM managed to find another plane so two hours and a free McDonalds later we were back on the way to the big ‘U’. The flight was long and got rather tedious after a while, however amusment came when Holly sat in a bar of chocolate and everyone threw sick bags at Rebecca. (Don’t worry anyone she’s fine now). We got off in the sweltering heat of Uganda and collected our bags and cases  and headed for our first night sleep in Uganda.

Day 2

This morning we had breakfast in the hotel, a selection of warm and cold delights. After breakfast we waved goodbye to the ‘Entebbe Travellers Inn’ and made the half hour drive (in an awesome school bus) to bank in Kampala to exchange money. £80 came out as 273,200 Ugandan shillings. We quickly made our way to the craft fair, where we bought an array of musical instruments and statues amounst other stuff. After a couple of of hours there we had lunch at a local cathedral. They served what we think to be the first of many fried bananas and rice. After a short stop we all piled onto the bus and started the three hour journey to Mityana. We all arrived and after another lovely Ugandan dinner we recieved first contact from our buddies in the form of a letter. Once again it was a releaving bed time for all of us, now looking forward to a day at Mityana school.

                                                                By Alex and Olly on behalf of the whole team.


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