Diary day 3

Day 3

Starting the day at 7.30 was a bit of a shock for some, it took Jason several loud knocks before he woke Chloe and Becca. After a quick breakfast, much quicker for some, i.e. Olly and Hermione, (20 minutes late for breakfast) we packed our bags for the day and set off to Mityana Secondary school, dropping Adrian off for his day of fishing. We arrived to a friendly welcome from the headmaster, and were invited into his office to sign the visitors book, all 18 of us! We then were taken to a wooden gazebo, where our buddies were waiting for us. We then joined our partner and filled in a sheet about ourselves and compared it with each other. After doing this we went with our partners to a lesson, Chloe had English, with a teacher from Wellington College, and Hermione had physics. We were then taken for a tour around the school, it was seriously dusty with limited facilities, but very happy people, including a half an hour biology lecture about dead animals. For lunch we were taken to the dining room and given maize flour (like mashed potato) and beans, and luckily Dodie had some forks as we weren’t really prepared for the ‘hands on’ eating experience. Chloe had a nose bleed (don’t worry Denise, she’s fine, she only lost a jerry can full of blood!) In the afternoon we had a lesson in Lugandan were we made up our own nursery rhyme, you’re going to be lucky enough to have your own private concert when we get back! We were then told that we had the exciting task of collecting water in 20 litre jerry cans. After taking the long walk down to the river we scooped out the water, some only a few inches full, but Daniel managed the whole monty! We then presented our presents to our buddies, biscuits and bracelets or football, it went down really well ,before doing this we went to the school’s staff room and we gave the staff kettles, stationary and laptops, they were extremely grateful. We then introduced ourselves and told them a little bit about us. After this we jumped on the bus with Alex’s buddy, Peter, dropping him off  at his house, and made our way back home.

Thought through by Chloe Lidbury and written by Hermione, on behalf of the group.


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