Diary day 4

Day 4

This morning we got woken up a little bit later than normal…. today we went to Ziira where previous groups have built layers of a school. This year was particularly special as the whole community came to thank us. As the bus (named Roy by the group) came in to the village it was surrounded by children clapping and chanting for us. First of all the children sang songs to us in both Lugandan and English. Then we all had a go at making the bricks from scratch to the amusement of the villagers… some more successful than others, mentioning no names.. Charlie who by the end had mud all down his leg!  After this we headed off to their football pitch… most of us had two or three children holding on to each hand. Hermione in particular looked like the pied piper with a group of children gathered round her copying her every move! The football match then began- they were all very surprised that girls joined in! They kindly stopped the match half way through the second half when we were 2-1 up, so we were successful (unlike the English football team!) We then went back to the village where the woman danced and sang for us slowly inviting all of us to join them. Then the headmaster and the heads of committees such as the parents committee made speeches… thanking us from the bottom of their hearts for everything that had been done past and present. A really touching moment was when first of all when Jason gave them the money from his sponsored leg wax but also the excitement and enthusiastic cheering when Dodie told them that a water tank would be installed in the future. We then had lunch, at this lunch they produced drinks for us. We all felt very guilty as we drank these drinks in front of them as it was an unnecessary luxury for us. After teaching them traditional English dances such as the Macarena, head shoulders knees and toes and the hokey cokey sadly we had to go. Quite a few people said that they didn’t want to leave. After having detached ourselves from the children we quickly came back to the hotel, then after a few minutes left to go the hospital to deliver gifts to the maternity ward. You could see from a glance that the hospital was in a different league to what we are used to at home and quite a few people felt uncomfortable seeing the conditions of the rooms that the woman went into after giving birth.  As the days progress everybody feels more and more grateful for what they have and the way we lead our lives.

Written on behalf of the group by Kate Rist and Sybilla Pease

PS This poem is written to me (Sybilla) by my buddy at the school and we thought we would share it with you…

I wrote your name on the tree and it was cut, I wrote it in the dust and the wind blew it. I wrote it on a flower and it was served, I wrote it on the wood and it was used to build

And I wrote it in my heart and nobody will rub it away.


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