Diary day 5

Day 5

Today we got up at around 8:00 am and had breakfast. We then got the bus (Roy) to the Mityana secondary school. We each met up with our buddies who all seemed so glad to see us and left for their homes. It took quite a while to get to them on the dusty roads. We were shown around typical middle class Ugandan homes and gave gifts to the homeowners such as water, bread, sugar and mugs. They were so pleased with these and we all felt excellent for giving them. On one of the home visits a child had an epileptic fit and the group had to leave! We were guided round there whole houses and gardens. The houses compared to the English ones are much smaller with fewer facilities (inside toilets ECT). We then went back to the school said our final, emotional farewells to our buddies. It was very moving and a few became tearful. We then got the bus to a historical site where spirits supposedly can be established.  There were giant holes in the ground which descended up to 200 meters down! “Watch your step”. This was fascinating and we all loved this experience. We then went on a walk through the jungle which lead us to the first place where the Bugandan tribe originated. This was amazing to see and an enjoyable experience. All hot and sweaty, we came back early to rest after a tiring 5 days. J xxx

Written by Holly Upton and David Little


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