Diary day 6

Day 6

This morning some of us got up early to go Kiweesa church, to see the presentation of the footballs and football boots to the local youth football team.  We left at 7.15 am from the hotel and the service was supposed to start at 7.30.  It was very interesting to see the difference between the two churches and church services.  Becca was one of the few and accidently locked Chloe out their room before she left (stupidly taking the key with her).

When we (a few of us!) got back from the service we had a quick breakfast and took our Malarone. Then we headed for the other church on Roy, it was called Kyankowe which was also a day and boarding primary school. We were most warmly welcomed by the priest and had a tour of the grounds/School. After that we went into the church and had a pleasant service. The priest asked us to sing for them, and frantically we decided to sing One more step along the world I go, all of us only knew the first and second verses so Kate sang the last one pretty much alone! After the service we went into the school’s main hall and where the school choir sang for us and  the Headmistress and Dodie told the community that they had been linked with Kingsclere primary school. We then went down to the church basement and had lunch which was nice.

Roy then took us to an Orphanage in Mityana, when we got there all the children ran to see us, shaking and holding our hands, and hugging us. They were so cute! We then got introduced to the Headmistress and all the staff. After that we introduced ourselves. Richard said “guess who my daughter is” and a small girl ran towards Alex – who we now call Mya (Ostrich in Luganda) and knelt down by his knees thinking it was Milly! The children then split themselves into their classes and we went round showing them how to make bracelets and windmills and painting their faces. We then made our way outside and played with them. Some of us got really attatched to them and Hermione cried! When we left some of the children ran after Roy. We came back to the hotel where the football team came to thank us for the gifts and gave us sugar cane, avocados and a massive jack fruit – about twice the size of Charlie’s head. We then had a Uganda vs England football game. We are now off to a restaurant to have samosas.

Written by Becca and Milly.


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