Diary day 7

Day 7 Monday 19th July

Hello. Today has been a good day full of many happy experiences. We started the day by colleting the drums that the drum man had made for us. Sky and Charlie got a mummy, baby and daddy drum. We then dropped Jason off at the salon he has been setting up. Sky got a look at it from the inside. Then we made our way to the children’s hospital BUT the bus (Roy) broke down. So we had to go back to the salon, where we waited in the kind lady’s house for about 2 hours. She also gave us sodas. While we were waiting David decided to get his hair shaven off by Jason. He looks like a lanky tomatoe now i.e really stupid. When Roy (the bus) returned we once again left to go to the hospital. It was a long and bumpy ride. When we got there all the children were waiting outside. There was a girl with one leg shorter than the other and she had on a massive shoe. It was about 6 inches tall. Also there was a boy with a that had his foot twisted upwards from being in a fire and his bone had become impossible for it to move. We sat down in a hall, where the children sang to us. It was nice to hear them sing. They gave us a lunch of rice, beans, melon, passion fruit, peanut sauce (which was purple and tasted horrible). Once we finished lunch, some of us went to wash up, face painting, make masks and make butterflies . While Alex, BIlla, David and sky were washing up, a huge rat ran out from one of the cupboards that had plates and pots and pan in, it was about 7 inches from nose to tail. Alex screamed like a little girl. When we face painted, all of the children laughed and smiled and had a great time. We then left down the bumpy, long road (five people fell asleep, that tells you how long it was!)  to Mityana, afinnet. This was a college to learn carpentry, home economics and sewing. When we got there all the children were lined up outside and clapping us. We looked round the classes, they were small and had lots of people in them. We gave the carpenters some tools and they were really happy to get them. Milly gave some money for sewing machines and the man was smiling from ear to ear. They gave each member of the team a good dinner and we all enjoyed it.  Afinnet T-shirts were given to everyone and we put them on right away. We then left for home and we all enjoyed our day!!  J


  Written by Sky and Charlie!!



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2 responses to “Diary day 7

  1. I now feel as though you have a new friend on your trip ‘Roy’! Glad to hear you are all having a great time we are missing you but can’t wait to hear all your news in person. Rebecca x

  2. Pam

    great reports, thankyou… have been reading the Tweets, but this really brings it to life. Sounds like (as I expected) the most amazing trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it Pam xx

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