Diary day 8

Day 8 Tuesday 20th July

            We woke up this morning frightfully early as normal, thinking of a typical English breakfast.  Unfortunately we came back into reality and remembered its Uganda .Blurry eyed and sluggishly stepped, we made our way to the dining hall. Some bread, pink sausages and a couple of pieces of pineapple gave us enough energy to slumber our way back to our room resisting the highly thought of idea of falling asleep on the way. With no heat in the water today, we had a challenging time showering. Next thing we knew, we found ourselves waiting for the bus.

            As we were waiting in the blistering heat, splattering ourselves with sun tan lotion, we heard the faint noise of our beloved bus “Roy” in the distance. Getting on the bus, allocating our seats, we set off for our next destination (Bulira). As we bumped our way there, dust wafted into the bus and caused all those at the back to violently cough.

            Passing large tea plantations, we arrived at the school, to find them clapping at us again. After a quick greeting by the headmaster, we were given a tour of the school grounds, them being very fond of their pig programme. This was basically when they get piglets, giving them to the teachers when they leave or selling them when they are fully grown. We entered the main classroom / hall and listened to several speeches by staff and school children. Lines of singers stepped onto the small stage in front of us, various ages from 4 years to 15. Singing and dancing to the drums. There were several groups and they all sang brilliantly, until one group of dancers with straw skirts for the girls, paint and paper leaves for the boys did a dance from Eastern Uganda which was weird but funny.

            We were told to introduce ourselves and were asked to dance with the last group. The girls wore straw skirts with the boys wearing rattle things around their feet stamping the ground to the rhythm of the drums. It was funny as we stamped around in circles, until we changed and turned into the same thing as “Mary Poppin’s Stepping Time song”, knees high as we can. Once that had finished, we were told to sing various songs like; Lord of the Dance and One More Step Along The World I Go. It was quite embarrassing as we also sang the national anthem, very poorly with us two doing the “duhduhduhduhduh” bit in the middle.

            As everyone lined up outside, we got the stuff ready for the face painting, nail polishing and making bracelets, we did not realise that there was going to be an endless swam, of kids lining to have their face painted and their nails polished. We cannot express the quantity of people, barging their way through to us, desperately trying to cover the thousands of kids with paint, in the two short hours given to us. Thankfully, the teachers hustled them out and told us to go to the room with FOOOD. It was practically a roast dinner with rice and pasta which was a treat and very tasty.

            After that, six of us volunteered ourselves to play a game of volleyball against the 6th formers. Needless to say we were thrashed. When the umpire realised it, she swapped us around and we were put to 3 of us and 3 of them a team. Lots of jumping and thumping balls later, sun glazing our eyes, we arrived to the conclusion of the game. A 1 – 1 draw.

            Saying our farewells, we stepped back onto Roy with our kindly given avocadoes and sugar canes and buggered off.

                                    Written by Joe and Dan


P.S. We are just about to leave to go to the head teacher’s house of the secondary school for a meal. Hopefully it will be good, but there is only one way to find out! =D


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