Diary day 9

Day 9 Bukanaga


We had a lie in and got up for breakfast at 8.30! Roy (the bus) arrived at 9.30 and we went to Bukanaga, a primary school about 20 minutes out of Mityana. IN the school there are 150 pupils and they all ran to the bus to greet us. We then listened to the headmaster’s speech and then were taken on the bus to the landing site at the lake. It was very over grown because not alot of people use it. There was a kingfisher on the reeds. We then went back to the school and went to see the pigs that dodie had given them, we all held the piglets accept Alex and Dan, they squealed a lot. We then washed the black boards and repainted them, because they hadn’t been in a long while. We also blew up 150 balloons and made seedling holders. After that we walked to a boy in year 6’s house to see the pigs that the school had given him to try out, we also saw his cabbages and watermelons that he had to water every day with 4 jerry cans that he had to collect the water for, from 1km away. We headed back to the school and went to the headmaster’s house to see his cabbages and watermelons, it was very hot. After 10 minutes of this, we went back to the school for the best lunch we have had yet in Uganda! After this, we blew bubbles for them and gave them the balloons, which they loved! In return we got more avocados and some eggs. This evening we are going out for supper again, at the Bishop’s house. Expecting it to be very nice!

By Alex and Hermione.


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