Diary day 12

Day 12

We got up at 5:00!! Way too early for anyone’s liking but worth it in the end. We all had an amazing breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, eggs or toast. Then we got into the buses and drove to the Nile, caught a boat across the river and the adventure began! We were all hoping to see a few animals however none of us expected to see the numerous varieties of animals that we had only ever seen on TV. First we saw cob, water buck, spring buck and then to all our excitement we saw a giraffe. Then came wart hogs, buffalos and then a lioness with TWO CUBS! So adorable and cute! And especially to Dodie’s excitement, our guide spotted a very rare bird called shoebill! (Looks like a a dodo and is 5 foot high. We were told that Joanna Lumley needed 5 guides to spot one). Turning around the next corner, we came face to face with an elephant. This was most people’s favourite animal of the journey apart from one lucky group who later managed to see a baby elephant holding onto the tail of its mother. Next was lunch and we were all very excited to finally eat a meal which did not consist of rice and potatoes. We next drove to the Nile where we got onto a tour boat and travelled up stream seeing a countless number of hippo’s and a good number of crocodiles.  On the boat there was an Indian woman who did tattoos for a few girls and boys. It was a good quality moment when we reached the bottom of the falls. It was a tiring yet amazing day which will definitely stay in our memories for a long time.

😉 J written on behalf of the group by Holly and Sybilla who say hi mummy and daddy (and rosie and jubs) and other family members who may feel left out at this point!


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