Diary day 13

Day 13 We had to get up at 5:00 again! But again it was worth it. We had breakfast which was the same (pancakes, eggs or toast) and then got on our buses to drive to the ferry. Today it was really busy and instead of getting the 7:00 ferry we had to wait until 7:45-8:00. When we were all safely across we set off in search of some more animals. We saw cob, water buck, and spring buck and then we saw a herd of elephants in the distance. We saw lots of giraffes and elephants. Some of us saw an elephant cross the road right in front of our bus! There were also giraffes really close. We turned round after seeing the a herd of elephants and headed home (unfortunately Becca fell asleep).When driving back we saw most of the same animals but my (Chloe) driver was going too fast for us to get any nice pictures. We got the ferry and I (Becca) slept all the way home. We came back to the hotel for lunch which was really nice. There was spag-bol or ‘vegetable koftars’ i.e. balls of potato and rice in tomato sauce. We then went swimming but Joe felt ill so he slept. Then we went to Murchison falls (the top). We drove there in the buses and when we got out we could hear it from the car park. When we got there it was amazing, loads of water rushing down through the rocks. The noise was so loud and there was loads of spray coming from the crashing water. The site was amazing and you could see the water if you stood at the highest point. It was really breath taking. We came back and had another swim and we are just about to have supper. Written by Chloe and Becca


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