Diary day 14

Day 14

We got an hour extra lie-in today, got up at 6!! After breakfast we set off to hopefully see some rhinos. 3 ½ hours after we left we arrived at the Zywa rhino sanctuary. Luckily some of us saw two mummy rhinos and their baby’s. It was really scary because we really had to keep on edge and the mummy rhinos were very wary of us as well. It was amazing because just before we were about to leave the baby rhinos started to suckle on the mother’s teat, and the guide said that we were blessed because no other people had seen it before. 

When we came back we set off to Entebbe for another 4 hours after that. It was a LONG drive. I (Milly) bought a pineapple to share with my bus off a passing man. It was the best pineapple we had ever had.

Arriving at the Lake Victoria Hotel, we were reunited with our suitcases once again. We rushed to our rooms to change into our swim gear for a much deserved swim. There were three diving boards, one for diving and jumping, and two others for brave souls in need of a bit of adrenaline. We both braved the smallest and middle one, but couldn’t bring ourselves to brave the highest one! Many of the others did though.

Just off to have dinner – a nice buffet with salad we can actually eat!! No complaints there.

Written by Sky and Milly J x


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