Last day’s blog by the poolside

Tuesday 27th July (last day)


Day 15

(Unfortunately, Joe was sick)

                After waking up on our lovely beds, we received a lively wakeup call from downstairs at 7:00. Getting dressed and washed we walked downstairs to where we thought was breakfast. After realising it was upstairs, we enjoyed some lovely pork and beef sausages, pan-ou-chocolat’ and some other breads and fruits.

                As we ate, we chose what would be our final two meals in Uganda, ( mine being  a bucket of chicken and a margarita pizza).  We were then told we had 7 minutes to get ready for going to the Chimp Island. Taking our malarone and splurging on sun cream, we got on the NEW version of Roy! Getting to the harbour and onto the boats, we put our life jackets and steamed away into the vast expanse of Lake Victoria. When about half way there, Jason told us that yesterday, 30 people had died in lake vic’ last week, making us feel very anxious.  When there, we were briefed by the same person who did the “last chance to see” people. We saw the chimps, hitting each other and eating fruits. It was quite fascinating, watching them clearly define who is in charge and being such social animals. We bought some things from the shops, realising we were late and left again, only stopping at the equator to hear some ‘old fisherman tales’.

                We got to the hotel and packed our bags and everything we needed for the flight home to be given downstairs.  Then lunch was in order, sitting near the pool, waiting for Alex’s cheese plate. It was nice, with a complimentary drink each.

After eating we headed to the pool and jumped off all the diving boards and Alex learnt to dive!

Anyway we are going to have dinner in 2 hours then head back home; hopefully it will be a good flight.

By Daniel and Joe


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