Update from October visit – 1 October 15 2010

Dodie is back in Uganda with another group from Testbourne and others from around Whitchurch. Enclosed is her latest update from Mityana.

Hello everyone,
Update 1.
We arrived last Monday and headed for the bank. With GBP 8000 in my bag we were offered a special rate! Something that doesn’t happen in the UK. We were delighted to fidn the exchange rate very favourable GBP 1 = UGS 3415. Better than last year. (Actually today we got an even better rate: 3615!)
Tuesday we went out to Bukanaga (linked with Longparish) and Lulagala (linked with North Waltham). The kids were so happy to see us and we spent time discussing with staff the proposals for renovating the staff houses and helping out with other work around the school. To my delight the piglets keep arriving and the sows look good and the school gardens are growing beans, bananas, maize and potatoes.
Wednesday on to another school, Butega. linked with Ecchinswell and we spent the moprning there.A couple of the group were in class telling the stories of the three little pigs and the three billy goats gruff. We had enough paints for them all to paint a picture about the story and they all loved it.
Thursday I went to the secondary school to meet this year’s buddies for the Testbourne team arriving tonight and some of the buddies from past years. It was so lovely to see them again. I also went to meet the bishop to discuss the setting up of a computer school I have brought with me (well not with me personally but in some of the 56 bags each weighing 23 kgs) 10 base units that we were able to get from Computer aid for GBP 40 each – they were donated…. and the bishop has been trying to organise a computer school himself. I had not spoken to him previously about this so it was wonderful to find we were both thinking about the same idea!!! Anyway the upshot of all this is that we were able to purchase 10 flat screen monitors today in Kampala for GBP 72 so the whole unit has cost us just over GBP 110 which is fantastic.
I also spent some time with the bishop talking through the idea of renovating the hostel accommodation and I think this at last, can begin in the next few months.
Added to that I was with Bishop George and Michael and some of the Affinnet staff discussing the future plans with the carpentry workshop, tailoring and catering that we have in mind to expand. This also is very exciting as we will be able to emply them to make the beds and chairs for the school staff accommodation, the curtains etc also, so they will get an income, and have some young people employed for the extra work and we will be actually developing other income generating projects together.
I also went to see Wilberforce to look at the Bishop Lutuuya Garden which he is working on. This will enable him to grow food and some cash crops so that they can feed theology students up near the cathedral.
I have been amazed at how much things are moving on here and how quickly they are developing. The number of people with computers, classy mobile phones and state of the art equipment is quite remarkable. Now I’m here in Enetbbe, the BA group have arrived and tonight the KLM group land then tomorrow we are off.
So this comes with love to all

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