Mityana Update 2

Latest update from Dodie.

Dear Everyone,

Time for an update as Paul is heading into Entebbe and can get this to an internet linked computer.  After the Testbourne team arrived, we headed into Kampala to the bank, craft market, cathedral guest house for lunch and then onto Mityana, along the recently acknowledged  ‘worst main road in the world’ and here to the Enro hotel. All well and happy…

Monday morning Testbourne headed off for  Mityana Secondary, the adults went into town, the hospital to deliver all the dressings, bandages and equipment given to us in the UK, including an X-ray light box. We had a look around there and then to the maternity wing where we handed out the blankets and toys and then met up with the kids at the secondary school for our Lugandan lesson. We learnt all the greetings, numbers 1-10, thanks etc and finished with the Lugandan version of here we go round the ‘mango’ tree. (No mulberries here!)

Tuesday the kids went back to school and we went to Afinnet to help in the tailoring dept and the woodwork. With girls we had a team teaching them to knit, French knitting and making a shoulder bag. We did this last year but this year the bag was more challenging and it had a flap over. We’d already cut out all the material in the Uk and so we were able to hand out all the material and the girls were shown step by step what to do, finishing off with ribbons and flowers to beautify the bag! At the end of the day they’d each finished, I was the ironing lady…Pam who had done all the preparation, design and planning, with Lyn, Chris, Sharon and Fiona had helped 40 girls make their own bag. It was lovely to see. In the mean time Win, Ruth, Rachel had taught the girls how to knit and use the ‘knitting nancies’ and were finishing off mobile phone bags! Then we all went to see how Bill was getting on making the toys he’d planned in the UK. The train looked fantastic, the aeroplane was half finished and the boat was waiting!

In the evening Robert came to entertain us on the drums and he sang for us – everyone loved it and the kids got up and he taught them how to dance.

Wednesday morning was a sleep in for the kids and most of the adults went back to Afinnet for a morning session. We fixed Terry in charge of the kitchen  and Dick on the mincing machine and they domestic science girls were taught how to make shepherd’s pie, beef casserole with potatoes on the top and a chilli. I am told it was a huge success but not without problems…especially with the mincing on the bone strewn beef! I went with Fiona and Sharon who come from Overton school out to Kibubbula, which is now linked with their school Overton. We had a really lovely day. The staff and kids were very enthusiastic and wanted to meet up again so they are going out on Friday. They brought all kinds of educational resources and the  biggest cheer went for the footballs and they football team kit which brought the house down!

That just leaves last Sunday when we all went to the Cathedral – 8am service- a bit of a shock for them all! It was an experience they won’t forget: length – 2  hours, speeches, introducing themselves, very very loud music, people singing off key, an Aussie evangelist, a crowded cathedral and we were off to the secondary school for a drumming and singing session, meeting their buddies, and all afternoon with the orphanage kids playing games etc…it was quite an eye opener, and everyone loved it.

Phew… that’s it for now, of course there’s lots more…but much love to everyone




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