St Oswald Singers return to Compton Greenfield

26 years after we first got together, the rump of the St Oswald Singers got together for a very convivial afternoon of singing to help raise funds and awareness for Compton Greenfield Church just outside Bristol. Rather concerning was the need to get larger copies for the singers as our collective eyesight has deteriorated so much we could no longer read the original copies that had our names on. However, the notes seemed to flow and the passing of the years did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for singing together. Well done Sarah!

If anyone can stand it, a couple of recordings were made (on an iPad, in the dark, with a slightly large cover). Amongst others, we sang Lobet Gott and My Evaline (click on the title to jump to YouTube; My Evaline takes a while to get going due to getting notes in advance for the next piece…).

Compton Greenfield Church

Did I leave my glasses here?

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One response to “St Oswald Singers return to Compton Greenfield

  1. John Rees

    Now that’s a blast from the past! The eyesight may be failing but the voices aren’t.

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