Between Darkness and Light – upcoming Southern Voices concert

2013-11picThe next Southern Voices concert in November features some fantastic but little known music from the Baltic and Scandinavia. The concert is on Saturday 9 November at 7:30 in Winchester Cathedral Quire.

Times and seasons pass; landscapes change and diversify around us. Many Scandinavian and Baltic composers have been affected by both nature and the landscapes which surround them, and have responded in kind in their music.

These compositions – together with other pieces of choral music from Hungary, the UK and the USA – form the programme for our concert on Saturday 9th November in Winchester Cathedral Quire.

From the rising of the sun in Latvian composer Peteris Vasks’ ‘Mate saule’ (written in 1977) to the final ‘Plainscapes’ – also written by Vasks in 2002 and which he himself describes as’ nature’s awakening’ – our programme seeks to explore the soundscapes of the 20th and 21st centuries through which composers have endeavoured to portray the beauty of nature, earth and heaven.

Three of the words feature strings. Two of them – by O’Regan and Whitacre – make use of the intimate yet colourful medium of the string quartet, while Vasks’ ‘Plainscapes’ uses the bareness of violin and ‘cello to convey ‘the natural beauty of Latvia’ – but manages, nonetheless, to depict a vast sonority using this intimate instrumentation.

Tickets prices: £17.50. Concessions: £14.50. Children 17 and under: £5.

Available from the Cathedral Box Office.

The programme is as follows:

Tariq O’Regan – The Ecstasies Above
Eric Whitacre – 5 Hebrew Love Songs
Kodaly – Nights on the Mountain
Hugo Alfvén – Aftonen (Evenings)
Pēteris Vasks – Mate saule (Mother Sun)
Pēteris Vasks – Plainscapes
Hugo Alfvén – Dawn over the sea
Eriks Esenvalds – Evening

You can also order tickets direct from me using the form below:

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