Matisse and Brick Lane

Another visit to the excellent Tate Modern, this time to see the Matisse Cut-Outs. As ever, the best approach seems to be to book the first slot, then shoot to the end of the exhibition and work back (much fewer people!). Some impressive exhibits – we especially liked the Vence Chapel room as well as the stain glass Christmas Eve window at the end. Not sure Rebecca is a fan of The Snail, although the sheer size of the later exhibits was impressive.

Matisse Cut-Outs

Matisse Cut-Outs







Queuing up to be first in

Queuing up to be first in









Participants of the Tweed Run

Participants of the Tweed Run









M & L headed to Brick Lane early (too much culture) and checked out the ‘vintage’ shops (just like charity shops, except more expensive, apparently). Livi added to her DM collection, thanks to winning a Wagamama competition (asking for a pair of Docs rather than world peace).

Lunch was taken at the excellent Aladin (world’s best curry house, apparently, so congratulations definitely in order).

The world's best curry house (not just another...)

The world’s best curry house (not just another…)












The world's largest drinks dispenser?

The world’s largest drinks dispenser?









The evergreen Borough Market

The evergreen Borough Market

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