Songs and Sonnets of Shakespeare – Winchester Cathedral

welcomeCome and join Southern Voices for our next concert, part of the Winchester Festival, for a little late night music on Thursday 10 July at 8.30 pm in Winchester Cathedral Quire.

In this Shakespeare anniversary year, this concert showcases three very different composers and their approach to the rich resource of poetry from several dramas. Coming at the verse from groundings in English folksong, Swiss art music and jazz, variety will be everything. Noted actor Gabriel Woolf will let more of the Bard’s genius shine out in readings from the sonnets and plays. The choir, as ever, will be conducted by our excellent Katherine Dienes-Williams.

The three different interpretations consist of:

Vaughan Williams Three Shakespeare Songs
Frank Martin Songs of Ariel
George Shearing Songs & Sonnets of Shakespeare

Tickets cost £15 and are available from the Cathedral Box Office.

The running order has been confirmed as follows:

1. Gabriel Woolf – Opening Readings:

a)            O for a Muse of Fire (Chorus Act 1 Scene 1 Henry V)

b)            Where should this music be (Act 1 Scene 2 The Tempest)

2. CHOIR – Vaughan Williams ‘Three Shakespeare Songs’

3. Gabriel Woolf – Readings:

a)            My gentle Puck come hither (Act 1 Scene 1 A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream)

b)            Aspects of Love – from the Sonnets ( 5 short readings)

4. CHOIR – Frank Martin ‘Songs of Ariel’

5. Gabriel Woolf – Readings:

a)            Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes, and groves (Act 5 Scene 1 The Tempest)

b)            Speak the speech I pray you (Advice to the Players Act 3 Scene 2 Hamlet)

c)            ‘Tis but fortune (Malvolio finds the letter – Act 2 Scene 5 Twelfth Night)

6. CHOIR – G. Shearing ‘Songs & Sonnets’ Song 1 – Live with me and be my love (NB Song 1 ONLY!)

7. Gabriel Woolf – Reading –

a)            The Nymph’s Reply (Sir Walter Raleigh 1800)

8. CHOIR – Shearing ‘Songs & Sonnets’ Songs 2 – 7



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