Advent concert with the St Oswald Singers

The Ozzies got together once again to sing a concert of varying musical styles at Compton Greenfield. Getting together occasionally, combined with our fourth visit to Compton Greenfield, means that music cannot be recycled that easily and the old repertoire has to be considered to see what we can get away with… Tertius Noble never sounded so fresh, and due to forgetting the copies we were forced to sing ‘I’m Sitting’ without copies. Of course we had to sing My Evaline – again!

Next year will be the 30th year since our founding back in 1985 and it is always excellent to meet up again, reminisce and check each other’s eyesights – all getting progressively worse. Larger copies next year for sure!

The seasonal hue in the last photo is due to the rather elderly heaters with electric bars that adorn the high walls of the church!

The evergreen Compton Greenfield

The evergreen Compton Greenfield

'Never knowingly over-rehearsed' applies...

‘Never knowingly over-rehearsed’ applies…

Just quorate - as ever

Just quorate – as ever

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