St Oswald Singers – 30 years and counting

There remains an element of debate as to when the St Oswald Singers first started. The assumed start date was the Westbury roof appeal in 1985, but some founder members seem to think it was earlier. After that appalling name stuck (once uttered Peter Steer, there was no going back), the more marketable sobriquet Razor Sharp (thanks Barbie) enabled a more flexible approach to concerts. The strapline ‘Versicles, canticles and test pieces’ is also now part of the furniture.

The current and original members got back together in Westbury in October to raise money for the church again, complete with Wind in the Willows and lots of cake. We were also joined by the next generation of singers to help boost us in the second half.

Briefly shown also Sarah’s 50th party the day before to get us in the mood, and the now usual Advent gathering at Compton Greenfield.

Who knows where we will be (of if we will be) in 2045. Hopefully we might still be singing.


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