Madrigals for a Summer’s Evening

Join Southern Voices for our next concert of madrigals in New Hall at Winchester College on Saturday 16 July.

MadrigaleThis concert will comprise some of the best madrigals from Italy and England, including L’Amfiparnaso: – one of the first musical comedies, a unique combination of commedia dell’arte and fine music composed by Orazio Vecchio. This precursor of Italian opera was written in 1594 as a Christmas entertainment for the Duke of Modena.

The concert will be conducted as usual by our musical director, Katherine Dienes-Williams. Tickets are £16 (full), £14 (concessions) and £5 for age 17 and under. Tickets are available from the Cathedral Box Office or by calling (01962 857275).

Early indications from rehearsals are that the music is entirely wonderful, although there are rather a lot of Italian words to fit into the notes given… It is going to be another excellent night of music-making in a superb venue that is new to Southern Voices.

The musical programme will include the following:

  • de Wert – Donna se ben le chiom’ho
  • de Wert – Vaghi Bschetti
  • de Wert – Misera che faro
  • de Wert – In qual parte si ratto
  • Gabrieli – Del gran Tuonate
  • Montiverdi – Ecco mororar l’onde
  • Gesualdo – Moro, lasso, al mio duolo
  • Gibbons – I tremble not at noise of war
  • Vecchi – L’Amfiparnaso
  • Morley – April is in my mistress’ face
  • Morley – Now is the month of Maying
  • Gibbons – The silver swan
  • Wilbye – Sweet honey sucking bees
  • Wilbye – Draw on sweet night





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