Enclosed are updates from Bry0ny’s trip to Uganda (Feb – May 2013) – random updates as we receive them (generally emails from Rebecca)…

5 March 2013

Talking by Skype

Talking by Skype

Talking by Skype









7 March 2013 Update 

Mail from Dodie

From what I hear: so far – so good.

All went well when we arrived….we spent the first week familiarizing ourselves with places and people.

As you know at the end of that week and into the beginning of the 2nd week there was a bit of a blip with a tummy bug but by the time I left they were settled down with Patrick and Eva and all was ok.

The last fortnight was spent at the deaf school and they all had different classes and things to do. They enjoyed being with Moses and Jackie, Phebe and Asaph and I am pretty sure the garden latrine and out side tap was a bit of a challenge to begin with.

This next fortnight they are with Patrick and Eva.

Here is what I have had from Patrick last week

Hi Dodie,

Thank you for trusting me and my family with these kids. We hope they are happy at their present location. We miss them here.

Infinite love and gratitude,


and Moses

thanks too for trusting us to stay with them. they left for Patrick and look forward to having them again as per program design.


In the first week we guessed at the costs and i rounded it off to £!00. Actually it turned out to be £121. Will had an extra night at the Enro for £8.70. I wondered if the Redgraves and Coles would like to send me a cheque for the outstanding sum. Sorry about this but it was all guess work! I thought it better to ask you than reduce their funds. The Annings have already paid (living so close!)

Finally I mad e a real mistake on the visas and we found that when they arrived in Uganda they were told that the visa I got runs out about 5 days before they return to the UK. So I am hoping whilst they are in Entebbe over Easter they can go to the airport and renew the visa. I do apologise for this error on my part.

I was so impressed by their involvement in and interest in all that they have been doing, their openness to new adventures and I really hope it all continues the way it started.

Be assured they are being well looked after and they are, in the main, really enjoying their time in Mityana.

24 February 2013

Been given my Ugandan name: Natchigaanda Bry. Will is Bukenya Bolonji and Tom is Ssonko Balongo. — withWilliam Cole and Tom Redgrave in Mityana, Uganda.

City · Mityana
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11 February 2013

The three musketeers have all gone down with sickness ( not sure if food or heat stroke ). Tom is better and has now moved to Patrick’s, Will should be joining him tomorrow and Bryony possibly the day after. Both boys have faired better than Bryony but she has now kept down sips of water and a couple of nibbles of bread so all seems to be on the up. They
seem to be looking after each other well and of course Dodie is on the ball and mothering them well.

7 February 2013

Just had another call from Bryony. She says that they are all very well if a little tired from the journey. They have spent the last couple of days visiting all the places they will be going and being introduced to all the key people that they will be involved with. Two of them have been to some local girls homes to start making the video and it seems they were very warmly received. (Mangos and avocados being pressed on them).

They are sorting money to be left in the hotel safe tonight so we can stop worrying about that. The Testbourne Uganda group are leaving today and will be spending the first couple of days with our group so hopefully we will get some feedback. I hope we will get a contact number soon but realise that it’s probably best to let them ‘get on with it’.

6 February 2013

Gap-year trip to Uganda begins


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