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Online photo editors

From the Sunday Times again, top photo editors that can be used for free.

  • Picnik – free, but stores shots elsewhere (eg Flikr). picnik.com
  • Photoshop Express – although full version costs £350, this can be had for free. photoshop.com
  • Pixlr Express – takes longer to load than others. pixlr.com/express
  • Aviary Phoenix – again, a little slow. aviary.com
  • Splashup – best for serious editors. splashup.com

Best choice was Picnik.


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Freebies online – free online storage

Continuing with the theme of what we can get for free, there was a good article in the Sunday Times on 17 January outlining free online storage.

According to them the 10 best online storage websites are:

  1. Mozy.com – 2GB if you register, pay thereafter (but backs up automatically)
  2. Adrive.com – the most generous free site offers 50GB of storage
  3. Flikr.com – upload and store 100mb a month free
  4. Carbonite.com – like Mozy, you have to install a programme
  5. Gmail.com – store attachments up to 7GB
  6. YouSendit.com – instead of sending attachments – 1GB limit per month for free
  7. Box.net – 1GB free storage in a ‘box’
  8. SugarSync.com – $10 per month for 60GB
  9. SkyDrive.live.com – Hotmail users already have this – 25GB, but slow drag and drop
  10. Esnips.com – 5 GB free storage

No excuse for losing files now…

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